King County CX – It’s going to be a fun one

If you’re afraid of post SSCXWC let-down, fear not. The course Dave Karman and I have worked out at King County’s Lakewood Park is going to be a blast. This year, the course is all on the Lakewood Park side, none of the course is on the Evergreen School side. What this means is that you’ll get a very hilly roller coaster ride with plenty of high speed off camber action.

Expect some of the same lines as last year, with a few fun new ones thrown in. With all of the recent rain, it’s bound to be a bit slick in spots too.

So come on out and enjoy the ride.


    • Mike P
    • Oct 28, 2010
    • at 10:17 am

    Great! I personally can’t wait! I know there is so much potential at that park for a great race. Also, while I love mud, i would not mind a dry(er) race… keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t have to tripple clean my clothes again come Sat. night!

    • Cosmic Miller
    • Oct 30, 2010
    • at 1:43 pm

    The KingCo Cross track was utterly superlative….the finest since, well, Woodland last year! The flow was just tantalizing, the tricky off-cambers a formidable challenge, the false-flats deceptive, we loved the music and overall have to rate it at 99 our of 100! Can’t WAIT to see the Woodland course! Great job. Simply GREAT!

    • slippyfish
    • Nov 01, 2010
    • at 6:36 am

    That was a sweet race course. You guys really know how to make lines ‘flow’ and retain speed while emphasizing technique. The boulder section was a little sketchy but I think that got changed later in the day…? Plus, the final downhill, with three blind corners and ducking under a pine tree, into the finishing straight, reminded me of ‘Diabolica’ at the Turkish Grand Prix. This and the Five Mile Lake courses were my favorite so far EVER, in ten years of racing. Thanks.

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