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  • Parking at MFG #5: King County CX


    We are working on results for MFG #4, and they should be up today around 2pm.

    In the meantime, if you are looking to invest time at work on all things MFG (ha!) please note the very specific details for parking this weekend at Lakewood Park.   If you are local, and have additional feedback for fellow racers, please post a comment on this entry.   Here are notes on where to park (and not to park) this weekend:

    1.   ALL lots previously used at Highline School District (Evergreen High School/Playfields) will not be open. Highline School District will be locking the gates, and are specifically asking folks to NOT warm up on any part of school property.   If you have questions about why Highline is making this request, and closing their lots, please contact us.

    2.   The best parking options for the race include:

    • The actual Lakewood Park lots off of 10th Ave (less than 100 spots) and also off of 108th Street.  (less than 50 spots)
    • The White Center Food Bank lot at the top of the venue, accessed from 8th Ave/108th St.  Please  park in ACTUAL spots,  and read signs pertaining to fire lanes
    • On-street parking along both sides of 108th Street (between 10th and 4th Ave)

    We have created a detailed map to help you out.   Please spread the word to teammies, family, and friends.

    And, like always, please respect the neighborhood by parking legally, using the restrooms AT the venue, and packing out all trash near your vehicle.

  • King County CX – It’s going to be a fun one

    If you’re afraid of post SSCXWC let-down, fear not. The course Dave Karman and I have worked out at King County’s Lakewood Park is going to be a blast. This year, the course is all on the Lakewood Park side, none of the course is on the Evergreen School side. What this means is that you’ll get a very hilly roller coaster ride with plenty of high speed off camber action.

    Expect some of the same lines as last year, with a few fun new ones thrown in. With all of the recent rain, it’s bound to be a bit slick in spots too.

    So come on out and enjoy the ride.

  • Prereg Now Open for King County CX

    Preregistration is now open for King County CX at King County’s Lakewood Park in Seattle. Get signed up at  While you are there RVSP for the Season End Party on Wednesday, November 17th. First 150 people to RVSP get a free drink (and are encourage to a make a donation to Euro Cross Camp).

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  • Sponsor Spotlight: Full Speed Ahead

    MFG Sponsor:   Full Speed Ahead


    Facebook: Full Speed Ahead

    Full Speed ahead is a manufacturer of bicycle components made from aluminum and carbon for road, mountain, BMX, time trial, cyclocross, and triathlon use.   FSA is very well known for their K-Force road line of components which includes numerous innovations such as:

    • A hollow monocoque composite crank arm found on the K-Force Light Mega Exo crankset
    • The seemingly here-to-stay standard of the compact handlebar with a 75 reach dimension and a 125mm drop dimension
    • A complete line of components and accessories for the BB30 bottom bracket standard.

    Why we like Full Speed Ahead

    We have all been there before:   You get to the race, you unload the car, and you’ve forgotten your shoes, your front wheel, your pedals, etc.   We are so fortunate this year to have  Neutral Support provided by Brys and Matt from Full Speed Ahead at every MFG race.

    In addition to full maintenance and service support, Full Speed Ahead is also providing neutral wheel support for races to have a set of wheels in the pit during their race.   So, in theory, Full Speed Ahead will trouble shoot that “creak” you’ve been chasing all week, adjust your brakes for the mud that ensues, and loan you a pair of wheels so you don’t have an excuse to drop out of the race!   Who else does this for you?   Oh, and did we mention, they’ll serve you complimentary coffee at all the races?   There is a lot to love about Full Speed Ahead….

    Five things you should know about Full Speed Ahead:

    1. Full Speed Ahead was an early adopter, if not the innovator, of many component standards:  The compact gearing ratio, ISIS bottom bracket standard, BB30, the compact bar 75/125 standard.
    2. Full Speed Ahead offers a full line of cyclocross components in the SLK group:  brakes, crank, post, bar, stem, chain, and saddle.
    3. Matt B. and Brys F. have attended every 2010 MFG race and have provided the most comprehensive neutral support MFG has seen to date.
    4. YOU CAN BORROW NEUTRAL WHEELS FOR THE PIT at EVERY MFG race from FSA; You just have to return them!
    5. Free coffee, free coffee, free coffee!
  • Photos from MFG #4

    Hi folks….here are some links to photos from yesterday’s race:

    Janet Hill

    Dennis Crane

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