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  • New Venue! Five Mile Lake Park

    New course; new fun. Five Mile Lake Park (thanks go to Dave Pearson for pointing it out to us) is flat to false flattish venue with one hill providing a short run-up. Expect nice wide lanes on grass with some flowing turns, and some navigating between trees. There will of course also be a little of the requisite off-camber action. The run-up is a bit narrow, steep, but provides sure footing. At the top you’ll turn right and eventually bomb straight downhill into a sweeper left turn. There’s also a bit of sand (we’ll see what condition it’s in).

    All this in a compact 2.5km or so.

    We’ll see you there for some racing action.


  • Series Standing Now Posted

    MFG Series Standing are now posted through the Rad Racing GP. They can be viewed in Google Docs.

    • Posted September 29, 2010 by Terry B
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  • Sunday’s Venue is a Wow

    I was out to the venue today for this Sunday’s race, SCCA/Starbucks GP, and I was reminded just how great King County’s Five Lake Park is going to be for a cyclocross race. It is great setting – beautiful trees, nice access to the beach and great site lines for watching the action. The flow from the finish line  to registration and over to the pit and vendor area could not be better. It is going to be a good day. Look for a full low down on the course from Rich later in the week.

  • Rad Racing GP FINAL results are now posted

    We have reviewed hours of film and notes, and have responded to all emails inquiring about the Rad Racing GP results. You can find the revised and FINAL results here.

    Thanks again for your patience, and your feedback.   We are taking steps for the SCCA/Starbucks GP to drastically improve our results.   This includes:

    1.  Better integration of finish line camera with our scoring system

    2.  More MFG staffing at the start line to inspect numbers for correct placement

    3.  More clarity at registration that a NEW number must be used if you race in a 2nd race of the day.

    We look forward to seeing you this weekend!

    • Posted September 28, 2010 by Zac
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  • An Open Letter to all MFG participants

    This is an open letter to all MFG Cyclocross racers

    First off, we want to thank all of you who have participated in our series last year, as well as in the first two races of this season.   We were thrilled with the turn out at both Big Finn Hill and Jim Brown’s Rad Racing GP.

    That being said, we want to apologize for the inaccuracy and untimeliness of results for this season, particularly at the Rad Racing GP.    We take FULL responsibility for the outcome, and we do not point any fingers.   At the end of the day, we take the point of view that you-the-racer are purchasing a racing experience, which includes a variety of elements, and for most folks, the important element being accurate and timely score keeping.

    As avid cyclocross racers, we can empathize with your desire to accurately know how you have placed at each event.  What’s more, we think it’s absolutely reasonable to expect that results are produced accurately and timely.   To date, we confess that our results have not been as accurate or as timely as we would like.

    Without going into too much detail as to the “why” results have been lagging, the spirit of this open letter is to let you-the-racer know three things:

    1. We believe it’s reasonable for you to expect MFG to produce accurate and timely results
    2. We thank you for your patience, particularly over the last week with the Rad Racing GP results
    3. We take results extremely seriously no matter the category of racing, the placement of each racer, or the number of racers attending

    We received a few emails this week asking the reasonable question, “why has this happened”?    We’ll be brief in our explanation, and we welcome you to email or call us directly if you have further questions.   In short, some of the complexities involved with scoring a cyclocross race include:

    1. Keeping track of riders who are on the “lead lap” and those who have been lapped
    2. Making sure that each time a rider comes by the finish line, we can clearly read, and therefore account for, the number
    3. Managing scenarios where numbers are placed on the incorrect side of the finish line
    4. Managing scenarios where numbers are covered in mud
    5. Picking out numbers in big groups of riders

    In closing, we believe your expectations of Low Pressure Promotions figuring out an accurate and timely results system are fair and absolutely reasonable.   We apologize for our performance thus far, and encourage you to trust that we are working round the clock, literally, to improve our system for the very next race.   We hope to see you out there again, and we thank you for coming out.

    Zac Daab, Low Pressure Promotions


    Terry Buchanan, Low Pressure Promotions