Race update for this Saturday, 10/31

Hi Folks,

We are still in conversation with getting  a venue approved and annouced, and it looks like the final word will be slightly delayed until about 3pm today.   We are 90% sure we will be putting on a race very close to Seattle this weekend.    We are keeping the Bike Reg site up, and once we know the final word, we’ll update the name of the race and the directions, but everything else including start times will remain the same.

Here at MFG we are sincerely blown away at the amount of support you have shown in the last 24 hours.   Thank you for taking time out of your day to write emails, letters, and comments to various city officials.   While we are saddened by the Lincoln Park cancellation, we continue to move forward and are putting all energy and effort into putting on a race.

Stay tuned!

-Zac D.


    • lucky
    • Oct 28, 2009
    • at 1:01 pm

    Nice work MFG!!!! I’m sure this alternate event will be just as good if not better than Lincoln Park. Thanks for all of the hard work you guys do to present the BEST CX series in the PNW!!!

    • tyler
    • Oct 28, 2009
    • at 2:03 pm

    can’t wait to see what you guys came up with! taking lemons and making lemonade – great work! thanks!

    • no meato burrito
    • Oct 28, 2009
    • at 3:38 pm

    When a new race venue is found, I recommend stationing a person or two or more at Lincoln Park all day Saturday to direct anyone who shows up to the new venue — just in case they haven’t been following all of these goings-on. I suggest getting the boneheads at the City who pulled the permit, or perhaps the two jerk-offs who wrote complaint letters to the City.

  1. Not to preempt the official MFG announcement, but a friend just forwarded me this:


    Still in the city limits! Still in W. Seattle! Nice work guys.

  2. We as a racing community really need to cross our t’s and dot our i’s when it comes to keeping the neighborhood and venue how we left it. I think that a positive note from this venue will certainly throw it back at the Lincoln Park folks and maybe open their eyes to what the lost economically and in entertainment.

    USE the porta potties

    PICK UP your litter

    TREAT the neighbors nicely

    SAY please and thank you

    ROCK on.

    Let’s all go have a sh#t load of fun. Thanks for all of your hard work MFG.

    Brian P Snyder

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