Course Comments – King County CX – Lakewood Park

I’m very pleased and relieved to be able to deliver this week’s course comments on time. And cutting right to the chase: this is going to be a blast. Starting on the Evergreen H.S. cinder track, the race will go around the baseball field and run north into Lakewood Park for a rolling, hilly, off camber ridden, fun fest. Two short run-ups will add to the burn on the uphill side of the loop. The course then returns to the Evergreen H.S. grounds, where we will cover some familiar ground, but with some different lines.

The map should make it on the site soon. As always, it’s a flow map, exact lines come later, but Dave Karman, his Black and Tan Coon hound Boomer and I saw some great ones this afternoon.

A big round of applause goes to Zac Daab, Terry Buchanan, and King County Parks for rounding all this up in less than 3 days.



    • Dominic D
    • Oct 28, 2009
    • at 10:03 pm

    Nice job guys throwing this together!

    • lucky
    • Oct 29, 2009
    • at 7:47 am

    Hail to RMc for laying out a sweet a$% course for us!! Look forward to riding a real cross course at this venue!! Wooohooo!!

    • Green Machine
    • Oct 29, 2009
    • at 3:14 pm

    Fantastic work getting another venue, thank you.
    However, I only found out about the change because I happened to check the web site. I’m guessing/hoping you all are planning on accessing the database to email people as well? I registered last week, got a confirmation of my reg in my email, but, as of now, have not received any email about the change in venue. There’s gonna be some bummed cx-ers on Saturday if they don’t find out. Perhaps this is an attempt at field limits :)
    Anwyay- thanks for your work on this!

    • Velolion
    • Oct 30, 2009
    • at 8:49 am

    What, no backwards pits? You’re a slacker, 43.

    • Terry Davis
    • Oct 31, 2009
    • at 4:12 pm

    Great course today. That back-end hill section kicked my ass, I almost tripped going over those little barriers because my legs were temp. shot. This course had it all, fast grass, tight turns on the asphalt to keep you honest, off-cambers with muddy turns, little burst hills, and a couple nice little run-ups. Again, great job today and I look forward to seeing what you produce for Woodland Park! You guys rock and thanks for all you do.
    Terry D.
    Auburn, WA

    • john marken
    • Oct 31, 2009
    • at 4:43 pm

    From the back of the pack…

    Thank you for your heroic efforts to relocate and set up such a fun course on my own stomping grounds. Was my second Cross race and one that definitely will keep me coming back for more. I loved the off camber lines and twists plus runouts where one could pump. Thanks also for the mild run ups…right after climbing rolling hills:>)


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