News Archive: October, 2009

  • MFG #5 Results are now posted for King County CX

    King County CX is now in the books, and results are posted here.   What a spectacular day!    Thanks to Rich “Mc Lung” for setting up a fantastically awesome course.

    It’s 7:35 pm on Saturday night, and you now have 25 hours to email if you have any result protests.      All result protest requests will be addressed until Sunday night at 7:30 pm Pacific.

    Thanks to everyone who made it out to this insanely fun course.    Great flow, international-level course set-up, and a really good time.

  • Course Comments – King County CX – Lakewood Park

    I’m very pleased and relieved to be able to deliver this week’s course comments on time. And cutting right to the chase: this is going to be a blast. Starting on the Evergreen H.S. cinder track, the race will go around the baseball field and run north into Lakewood Park for a rolling, hilly, off camber ridden, fun fest. Two short run-ups will add to the burn on the uphill side of the loop. The course then returns to the Evergreen H.S. grounds, where we will cover some familiar ground, but with some different lines.

    The map should make it on the site soon. As always, it’s a flow map, exact lines come later, but Dave Karman, his Black and Tan Coon hound Boomer and I saw some great ones this afternoon.

    A big round of applause goes to Zac Daab, Terry Buchanan, and King County Parks for rounding all this up in less than 3 days.


  • King County CX this Saturday, Oct 31st!

    We are pleased to announce that the previously cancelled Lincoln Park CX race for this Saturday, October 31st, has found a new home and King County CX will take place the same day, the same time!     Please visit the Series Information page on our web site for King County CX directions and further details.

    A huge thanks to John V. and Helen G. at King County Parks,, Andy M. at Hup United,  and Debra L. at Highline for suggesting and permitting an event in less than 30 hours.

    You can still register here for King County CX.   We will be keeping registration open until FRIDAY NIGHT at 5 PM Pacific. If you have registered for the R.F.K.A.L.P (Race formerly known as Lincoln Park!), you are automatically registered for King County CX. If you were registered for Lincoln and want a refund, please contact zac at

    Are you psyched that King County has been super accommodating to MFG and the Cyclocross community?  Email King County Parks and Rec Assistant to the Director Kevin Brown and say thanks for all the work John V. and Helen G have done:

    See you at King County CX this Saturday!

  • Race update for this Saturday, 10/31

    Hi Folks,

    We are still in conversation with getting  a venue approved and annouced, and it looks like the final word will be slightly delayed until about 3pm today.   We are 90% sure we will be putting on a race very close to Seattle this weekend.    We are keeping the Bike Reg site up, and once we know the final word, we’ll update the name of the race and the directions, but everything else including start times will remain the same.

    Here at MFG we are sincerely blown away at the amount of support you have shown in the last 24 hours.   Thank you for taking time out of your day to write emails, letters, and comments to various city officials.   While we are saddened by the Lincoln Park cancellation, we continue to move forward and are putting all energy and effort into putting on a race.

    Stay tuned!

    -Zac D.

  • City of Seattle revokes Lincoln Park Permit

    On Tuesday, October 27th, Low Pressure Promotions received an email from the Seattle Parks and Recreation Deputy Superintendent Christopher Williams, stating the previously permitted cyclocross event scheduled for Lincoln Park has been revoked by the City of Seattle.
    In short:  The cross race at Lincoln Park has been cancelled by the City of Seattle, and Lincoln Park CX is cancelled.
    Low Pressure Promotions had followed every detail to a T in the application and permitting process including the following:
    • Application submitted well ahead of the requested 2 months before event date requirement
    • Paid all application fees and rental fees in full
    • Provided the necessary insurance and named the City of Seattle as an additional insured party
    • Received confirmation from the Parks and Rec department
    • Received actual permit to hold event from Parks and Rec department

    Additionally, Low Pressure Promotions gave adequate notice to park users PRIOR to the event, by placing physical signs in the park, posting messages on the West Seattle Blog Forum, and alerting local residents of the West Seattle Community.

    Currently, as of Tuesday afternoon, we are working on an alternative venue close to the city of Seattle.     We will post new information regarding the Saturday race by noon Wednesday, Oct 28th.

    Below is a series of FAQ’s to help guide you given this circumstance.   Please be patient, as we are working on a positive outcome!

    Q:    Why has the City of Seattle revoked the permit?
    A:    The City of Seattle gave three main reasons for revoking the permit.   Please note that we are in NO way placing blame on our friends who put on the previous CX race in 2003 at Lincoln Park.   We respect their work, and believe the feedback from the community after that race was very one-sided.   That said, the city sighted three reasons for pulling the permit; the permit has been revoked because of the following (verbatim):

    • The department commitment in 2003 not to permit future cyclecross events in Lincoln Park following an event which caused significant damage and destruction to the park.
    • Correspondence we received from the coammunity expressing concern with your planned event. We provided you with copies these e-mail.
    • The potential for unreasonable levels of destruction and damage to what is considered to be a natural area park.

    Q:   Who wrote correspondence to the City?
    A:   A UW Professor and Boeing employee.  We have given the authors the benefit of the doubt, and chose not to publish their names, phone numbers, or home addresses.    The emails are public record and can be requested in full using the email addresses below.   Here is a link to one of the letters.   Think your voice doesn’t matter when writing to local, state, and national government?   Think again.

    Q:   I pre-registered for the race, will I be refunded?
    A:   We are trying to re-locate the venue.   We will have an answer by noon on Wednesday, Oct. 28th.   In the event you want a refund, please contact us and we will absolutely refund your race entry, or apply it to a potential new race which is still to be determined.

    Q:  What will this mean for MFG point series?
    A:   This will be determined after we’ve figured out the extent to which we can land an alternative venue
    Q:   What can I do to help?

    A:   Currently, the Superintendent of the Parks and Recreation Department, as well as Seattle City Council member Tom Rasmussen, have only heard feedback from citizens expressing–very candidly–why the permit should be revoked.   While it is clear that this decision at Lincoln is final, you can provide your feedback to this news by writing three folks:

    • Tom Rasmussen, Seattle City Council Member, Chair of the Parks and Recreation Department:
    • Timothy Gallagher, Superintendent Seattle City Parks and Rec:
    • Christopher Williams, Deputy Superintendent Seattle City Parks and Rec:

    Q:   As you choose a new venue with literally 48 hours to let the CX community know if a new venue is on or off, what priciples are you using to make your decision?

    A:   Venues are very difficult to find.   We were first offered options from the City of Seattle which were not suited for Cyclocross.   We were then offered a great option, but the date was for Sunday, November 1st, and we specifically chose to yield to Seattle Cyclocross’s race at Maris Farm.    As we continue to look for an emergency venue, we look to previously established relationships which we have forged with City, County, and State Park relationships.