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  • Course Comments: Lake Samm St. Park

    This is a flat venue, very flat indeed. Some may be tempted to call it a “grass criterium”, but I assure you that until there’s a ‘cross race where the entire field can sit on at leisure, arriving at the finish en masse, and riders who haven’t put their nose in the wind all day move up on the last lap and crash everyone trying to squeeze into gaps that aren’t there; there’s no such thing as a “grass criterium”. Rest assured we’ll make a fun to ride course, the highlight of which may be beach, which has dense sand that takes a lot of power to ride through.

    The course is divided by a stand of trees. The East side will contain the paved S/F stretch, the double pit, and some open field field riding with mostly longish, straightish stretches. The Western side has the sand, and will take in the tiny bit of relief between trees for some technical prowess.

    Note on the pit: I’m sorry the pit wasn’t up to snuff at Finn Hill…we ran out of time to make it right. Here at Lake Samm it will be done right: 50-70 meters, 3 meter riding lanes on either side, 6 meters for mechs, bikes and wheels. It is important that equipment is placed in the 6 meter center of the pit, not scattered everywhere.

    We’ll be expecting some good head to head racing.
    See you Sunday.


  • Number Placement

    We expect to rock out the results at Starbucks GP. GC Racing, LLC has added an additional camera and lap counting technology. We are working on doing our part but we need a little help from you all, GOOD NUMBER PLACEMENT. Here is a good example.


    Also please keep in mind we are assigning you a number for the entire series (Rad Racing GP was the exception).   Please save your numbers. Thanks.

    • Posted September 29, 2009 by Zac
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  • Are you a ‘quatch or unicorn?


    Cross Clash:  Saturday October 10th.   Registration Now Open!

    MFG Points, yes.

    Battle for the Grail, yes.

    Oregon vs. Washington, yes.

    Unicorns, yes.

    Sasquatch sightings, yes.

    Be there.

  • Rad Racing GP/MFG #2 Results

    We have posted the results provided by Rad Racing NW into our system for Rad Racing GP. Season Points are also updated to include Rad Racing GP. This race is included in MFG Cyclocross but is independently promoted by Rad Racing NW. Please visit the event website to pursue any concerns about Sunday’s results.  Thank you for the great numbers last Sunday.

    See you at Starbuck Gran Prix on 10/4. The Category du Jour is Cancer Survivors:  if you are a cancer survivor, are married to a cancer survivor, or are related to a cancer survivor, encourage those folks to come out and try one lap of the course! Preregistration is now open!

    • Posted September 22, 2009 by Zac
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  • The Results are In – MFG #1

    Thank you to everyone for your patience yesterday while we sorted out the results. They are now posted at GC Racing, LLC.

    If you have a question on your placement or are missing please use the email listed on GC Racing’s homepage for MFG Cyclocross results.   GC Racing will work to sort it out.  We will update our Results Page for individual races and series standings later this week.