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  • Sponsor Spotlight: Rapha


    Rapha US General Manager Slate-O stopped by MFG HQ today and dropped off Rapha’s generous contribution to the MFG Series:  10 $100 Gift Certificates to be used on For those of you not familiar with Rapha, the brand is based in the UK, with USA offices in Portland, and celebrates cycling by creating products which blend style with optimum performance.

    Rapha is luxurious yet functional; stylish but not trendy; bold yet not brash.   We are super thankful for Rapha’s support of MFG. If I were a winner of the the G.C.’s, I would probably go this route:

    The Stowaway Jacket


    The Long Sleeve Jersey

    long sleeve

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  • Man with a Plan

    Cyclocross season is one day closer, each day we wake up!  I wanted to share this video from 2006 Master’s World CX Championships.    This is the fan of all super fans!   Talk about a man with a plan.

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  • Medical Coverage at MFG Cyclocross

    There has been quite a bit on the WSBA mailing list about medical coverage for USAC, OBRA and non-sanctioned events this week. Since MFG Cyclocross will be non-sanctioned we just want to make sure everyone racing cross understands our coverage:

    $ 10,000 Maximum Medical Benefit per Claim
    $ 2,500 Accidental Death/Dismemberment Benefit per Claim
    $ 500 Deductible per Claim

    Excess Coverage
    Dental Benefit: Included in Maximum Medical Benefit

    Excess coverage means policy is secondary to an injured party primary health insurance. Policy will not cover primary insurance deductibles, co-pays, program limits, or out of network care. If injured party does not have primary care, excess coverage becomes primary.

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  • Sponsor Props

    We are less than a month away from MFG Race #1 in Kirkland, and we are happy to present you with our sponsors for the series. MFG Cyclocross is presented by Raleigh America for 2009, and you’ll see a demo fleet of bikes at all MFG races. Check back to our website next week for our new site launch, and a word on all of our sponsors.

    Until then, MFG says thank-you to all our sponsors.


  • uBRDO Kick-Off Cross PreReg is Open

    Preregistration is now open for Race #1 in MFG Cyclocross at BikeReg. Why prereg? PURE CONVENIENCE! Fill out everything online including acknowledgment of the waiver and on race day just walk up to registration to get your series number. Go race.

    See you all at the debut of MFG Cyclocross on 9/13 at King County’s Big Finn Hill Park for uBRDO Kick-Off Cross.

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