News Archive: June, 2009

  • MFG Voice Try-outs

    You heard it hear first!   The Voice of MFG is still to be determined.   It may very well be plural:  the voices of MFG.   Here are some samples from Wednesday Night’s session; please leave comments and provide heckling, voting, and any other feedback.

    Galen on the mic!

    Nelson plays it cool.

    Randy goes for broke.

    Craig on the down-low.

    Anton turned off his mic!!!!

  • Cross is here!

    Last night we had a few friends over to our neck of the woods for MFG announcing try-outs and we threw an impromptu hot lap race to give folks something to call. 4 heats of 5 riders in a miss-and-out format. In the end, the finals saw a steel Surly vs. another steel Surly. Hott.

    I got mistaken for a lady by a 3 year old, Terry’s kid roosted everyone at the end, and this is how the night ended between two grown males.

    Welcome to Cross 2009!


  • And then there was Ernie


    7:46 pm phone call, minutes after safely landing the new MFG venue vehicle…1979 ex-Gai bread truck:

    Jay-cobb: Is it ok if we name the truck Ernie?

    Me:  Ok, but why Ernie?

    Jay-cobb  [thinking I’m asking WHY have a name; not, why Ernie?]:  Well, because it will be easier if my Dad calls you and wants you to come over and work on the truck.  He can just say come over and work on Ernie.

    Me:   Ok.

    Jay-cobb:   Ok, bye.

    Welcome, Ernie!

  • New Race Added: Sunday Ocotober 4th, Starbucks GP

    Finally, a race with a beach feature! We are very proud to announce the addition of the 2nd annual Starbucks Gran Prix of Cyclocross for 2009 as part of MFG Cyclocross. Starbucks Cycling has confirmed the addition of their race to our series, and we’ve secured yet another local venue: Lake Sammamish State Park in Issaquah!lake-sammamish