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  • Voice of MFG: show your….er….voice, Wed June 17th

    We’re well on our way to setting up a sweet 2009 CX series in Seattle this year and are looking for the voice of MFG cross. Think you’re tambre is totally tubular? People tell you you’re range is radical? Ok, ok….enough of that. If you have interest in being part of team of annoucers this fall, please contact us for the “where” and “when” details to MFG Voice Try-outs on Wednesday, June 17th.

    It will be fun.


    • Posted May 22, 2009 by Zac
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  • Off-Season Training – Junior 10 – 12

    Are you getting ready for MFG Cyclocross? The first race might be just over 4 months out but this dude is putting in the time!