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  • T and I spent yesterday walking through Lincoln Park.   Today, we got the offical documentation from the city:  it’s on.

    Let me repeat:   MFG Cyclocross will host a race at LINCOLN PARK on October 31st, 2009!

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  • Welcome…..BACK!


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  • How Do You Name A Series?

    We sent emails and text back and forth for weeks. Tried names on. Thought we had it and then started to hate it.

    Finally we decided today is the day. Not leaving the kitchen table until we have a name. Brainstorm. Write them down. Getting nothing we like. Wife walks by and says something that cracks us all up and MFG is born.


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  • So far, so positive


    We launched our series information last week, and we’ve been very pleased with all the positive feedback.   So far, here’s what we’ve heard from you:

    “You have no idea about how stoked I am that ya’ll are doing this. ”  -B. F

    “I’m delighted to see that you and Terry are going to up the game for local cross.”  -H.R

    “I just heard about the new cross series and am totally stoked!  -T.S

    We continue to make great progress, and just yesterday we  make HUGE progress….stay tuned!

    -Zac D.

  • Press Release #1


    Low Pressure Promotions creates a new cyclocross series in Seattle for 2009

    Seattle, WA – March 12th, 2009 — Low Pressure Promotions, LLC is proud to announce the formation of a new cyclocross series in the Seattle-area for fall 2009: MFG Cyclocross.  The new series consists of six races beginning in September and will conclude on November 15th at Seattle’s Woodland Park.

    “MFG Cyclocross will bring a fresh attitude to Seattle ‘cross by manufacturing quality venues, an inclusive and fun atmosphere, and a style of event that encourages fast, competitive racing at all skill levels,” said co-founder Terry Buchanan.

    Low Pressure Promotion co-founders Terry Buchanan and Zac Daab have a combined experience of promoting bicycle races since 1997 and have raced in over 700 races domestically.   Buchanan promotes Star Crossed, the internationally-recognized twilight cyclocross race while Daab is the creator of the international cyclocross team, Hup United, and founder of Cascade Bicycle Studio in Seattle.

    “The spirit of MFG Cyclocross is young yet experienced, competitive yet friendly, stylish yet sensible,” Daab said.   “Above all else, our series is about providing a fresh cyclocross experience in Seattle for each participant, and creating an open dialogue between promoter and participant.”

    One highlight to the new MFG Cyclocross series is the revival of the “Grail de la Grunge” competition between the cyclocross racers of Washington and Oregon.   Race number three in MFG’s series on October 10th is dubbed Cross Clash™ and will pit Washington cyclocross racers against Oregon Cyclocross racers at the Airport Center Golf Course in Tumwater, WA.

    “Cross Clash will score the top-ten riders in a variety of skill categories.”  ”We’ll tally the points based on each state’s results, with one state’s cumulative points defining them as Cross Clash Champions,” Daab said.   “Oregon’s Cross Crusade series director Brad Ross has agreed to bring Oregon’s best racers to Cross Clash.   We envision supporter buses and a rivalry akin to the Belgian vs. Dutch battle you see in Europe.”

    Also unique to the MFG Cyclocross series is collaboration with existing race events and promoters.   “We currently have commitments from race directors Ryan Rickerts of Bellingham, WA, and Jim Brown of Rad Racing Northwest.  Both Ryan and Jim add value to MFG Cyclocross as Ryan promotes his new race, and Jim offers his nationally-recognized Rad Racing GP event to our series” Buchanan said.   “We welcome any independent race promoter to contact us for potential inclusion in future MFG Cyclocross series races.”

    The MFG Cyclocross series features two events in September, October, and November.   The series finale will take place at Seattle’s Woodland Park.