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  • No Electrical Required…

    Beat boxes and techno are great but this dude is Green:

  • Remote DJ’s

    Regarding remote DJ’s::::::
    We can see three sections of the course, with a variety of music.  One section, better be packing this action!

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  • What We Want…

    When we spin a tune it will be with purpose. Create the atmosphere and make the fans and riders feel apart of something more encompassing….

  • No, let me do it.

    When you watch Euro-PRO riders from afar, particularly at an important event like the world championships, you’ll notice the nervous energy.   And what better way to relieve the pressure?    Let the air out.

    And put it back in…

    And let it out…

    Here’s a sampling of photos from 08 Cross Worlds.   You’ll rarely see PRO riders adjusting their derailleurs, fiddling with their brakes, or gluing on their tires.   What you will see, however, is an insane, nervous habit of adjusting tire pressure before the race, over, and over, and over again.




  • The real PRO machine.

    You know the deal:  The race ends, the champion is crowned, and within minutes of the finish, the new jersey is donned with sponsors logos intact.   This is the machine which makes that reality possible.
    Pro Machine
    • Posted February 19, 2009 by Zac
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