Keeping Seattle ‘Cross Fresh

Perhaps you’ve heard of our cyclocross series. Or maybe you witnessed the 1st annual Woodland Park Gran Prix, on that cold, rainy, but fun-filled day in November 2009. ┬áBut let’s talk about the core to what we do: MFG Cyclocross is about you-the-participant. We look forward to another great year of manufacturing fresh cross in Seattle.


  • MFG Nine2Five Lap Times

    Lap times by category and team can be found here.

  • Food and Water at MFG Nine2Five

    We will have a Nuun Hydration Station in the Rider Transition Area with water and Nuun during the race. We will work to keep this supplied for the full eight hours. We will also have some “bonk aids” in the form the must calories per dollar from the Cash N Carry and mini bars from Zing in the Rider Transition Area.

    Generally we figure riders want what they want for feeds on a day like this so we are not planning a huge aid station. Please be prepared with the foods that work best for you for the effort required at this race. Please also make sure you have back up water supplies as well.

  • Second MFG Nine2Five BMC TF03 Winner

    Barry Gjerdrum has won the drawing for a BMC Trailfox TF03 of all riders registered for MFG Nine2Five. Barry we look forward to handing you your new bike at the start of MFG Nine2Five presented by BMC.

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