Keeping Seattle ‘Cross Fresh

Perhaps you’ve heard of our cyclocross series. Or maybe you witnessed the 1st annual Woodland Park Gran Prix, on that cold, rainy, but fun-filled day in November 2009.  But let’s talk about the core to what we do: MFG Cyclocross is about you-the-participant. We look forward to another great year of manufacturing fresh cross in Seattle.


  • Sponsor Spotlight: Lezyne

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    MFG Sponsor:   Lezyne


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    Lezyne is the maker of high-end bicycle accessories including tools, pumps, and lighting systems.  Lezyne is headquartered in San Luis Obispo, CA.

    Why we like Lezyne

    Without any hesitation, we can say that Lezyne makes the finest series hand pump in the industry.   Their unique design uses a flexible hose that attaches to the hand pump, thus allowing a user to navigate inflation of a flat tire with some room to move.  What’s more, the digital read out on their floor pump collection, in addition to the option for a wood handle, make the floor pump both functionally and aesthetically beautiful.

    Five things you should know about Lezyne:

    1. The company was founded Micki Kozuschek.   Prior to starting Lezyne, Kozuschek started and then sold the well known company Truvativ.
    2. The Port-a-Shop Tool Kit is one of the prizes to be available to MFG Series Winners.
    3. The Road Drive hand pump is the finest hand pump money can buy.
    4. Lezyne has a helpful buyers guide feature on their website.
    5. Have problems reading a pump gauge?  Try Lezyne’s Digital Floor Pump.
  • Sponsor Spotlight: Golazo

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    MFG Sponsor:   Golazo


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    Golazo is a performance sports drink company offering a hydration and energy product made from natural ingredients.

    Why we like Golazo

    In a world of synthetic sports drinks, we like the fact that Golazo keeps it simple with all-natural ingredients.   In fact, if you look at their ingredient list for their energy drink, you’ll see only 10 ingredients, which is about half of what other sports drink companies are formulating in their drinks.

    Five things you should know about Golazo:

    1. Golazo offers a sugar-free energy drink in their line-up.
    2. Golazo is a Seattle-based company and co-founder Alex R. is a cycling enthusiast and MFG cyclocross racer.
    3. The hydration drink from Golazo comes in four flavors:  Mango Lime, Mandarin, Hibiscus and Lemon Lime.
    4. Pele, yes Pele, is a part of Team Golazo!
    5. Golazo has been on-site at every MFG race this year, and has generously provided all Treatment winners with Golazo Energy product.
  • Late report on Team Competition Standings after MFG #4

    Blue Rooster and Alki Rubicon tie for first place at Magnuson Park CX maintaining their respective positions in the overall competition but taking critical points from Fisher Plumbing as they try to stay in contention. The team competition is being fought out in the Women’s and Single Speed categories where every point will count finishing out this super close competition for the best MFG cyclocross team.

    Standings posted here.

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