Keeping Seattle ‘Cross Fresh

Perhaps you’ve heard of our cyclocross series. Or maybe you witnessed the 1st annual Woodland Park Gran Prix, on that cold, rainy, but fun-filled day in November 2009.  But let’s talk about the core to what we do: MFG Cyclocross is about you-the-participant. We look forward to another great year of manufacturing fresh cross in Seattle.


  • South Sound Super Prestige Race Report

    Fort Steilacoom Park in Lakewood Washington was host to the South Sound Super Prestige, the second stop in the 2014 MFG Cyclocross series. The set piece of the fast course was a long climb that alternated between pavement and firm dirt, followed by a fast loose gravel descent, before dropping back into the infield.

    The men fought a tactical race, one that only started to break apart on the second lap when a group six separated themselves from the pack on the final portion of the long climb. That group of six was lead by Raleigh/FSA teammates Adam McGrath and Steve Fisher.

    Only one member of that group of six was dispatched coming into the last lap when the pace jumped, and attacks again started in the final flat corners of the course, setting up a drag race down the long paved stretch to the finish between Fisher and Audi’s Ian Tubbs. Fisher managed to hold off Tubbs at the line. Finishing off the podium was Spokane’s Kevin Bradford-Parish (Set Coaching/Specialized).

    Jessica Cutler (Jamis/Bikesport p/b WA Bike Law) took the hole shot with a small gap in the women’s race and then used the climb to further distance herself over her closest competitor Kristen Kelsey (AXIOMHVAC-VOLER-CYCLE U). The field was blown apart by the pace allowing Cutler to finish with a 51 second advantage over Kelsey. Monica Lloyd (DFL) rounded off the podium.

    The MFG Cyclocross series continues next week at Thornton Sullivan Park in Everett Washington and the return of the double beach. Kristen Kelsey and Adam McGrath lead their respective fields in points.

  • Sponsor Spotlight: Clement Tires

    LAS-34-1024x973 Image-7-838x1024 PDX-34-833x1024

    MFG Sponsor:   Clement Tires


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    Location: Denver, CO

    Clement is a new MFG sponsor for 2014 thanks in large part to our friend and Clement employee Johs Huseby.   While Clement was a French brand that dates back to 1878 for bicycle tire production, the modern day iteration of Clement is US-based in Colorado.

    Clement has chosen an interesting and clever nomenclature for all their tires:  They use airport codes that represent the design mission of the tire.   The PDX is a great mud tire, paying homage to Portland, ORE.   The LAS is a great fast file-tread which pays tribute to Las (Cross) Vegas.

    Why we like Clement:

    Clement is offering relevant, affordable, and durable cyclocross tires in clincher and tubular formats.

    Five things you should know about Clement:

    1. Their tubulars are some of the straightest and most durable tubulars on the market, that still ride nicely.
    2. Their clinchers are vulcanized during production, so you’ll NEVER see a Clement tire tread de-laminate from the casing.
    3. Cascade Bicycle Studio stocks the Clement LAS, PDX, and MXP tires in clincher and tubular.
    4. The LAS file tread is one of the fastest cyclocross tires on the market.
    5. Clement also offers mountain bike and gravel road tires.


  • Additional Details for MFG #2

    Hi Folks,

    Here are a few additional details for MFG #2:

    1.  If you haven’t raced an MFG race yet, but you got a timing chip from the other cyclocross series, Cross Revolution, please bring and use that chip for MFG.   However, you will need a specific MFG bib number.

    2.  One more reminder that the official and required way to wear identification at all MFG races is with a MFG bib number AND a chip placed on your helmet.   As long as you take these two required steps, you will be scored and placed in your race.  If you choose not to do either one, you will not be scored and disqualified from the race.

    3.  A word to parents on all the different junior options for kids.

    Option 1
    :  race in their birth year category.  EG:  1999/2000, 2001/2002, 2003-2005

    Option 2: 
    do the new category called pre-junior, which is 1 full lap of the course, and will now be scored.  Bib and chip are required.   Please pick up one/both if you haven’t already.

    Option 3:
      do the “little kids race” which is 1) free 2) not scored and 3) a partial lap.   We will start the L.K.R first at 12:05 from the standard START LINE and the waves of riders will go:  Bikes with Gears, Bikes with Pedals, Push Bikes.

    See you this weekend!

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